Charlotte Hornets Center Bismack Biyombo is an African player who faced adversity growing up now. Now he’s living his dream. Biyombo wants to make efforts together to provide more inspiration to the kids in Africa. The NBA Academy and Basketball Without Borders are helping kids all over the world get exposure, and an opportunity to compete at a high level. There is an unlimited amount of talent all over Africa. The NBA is growing globally, and it’s changing lives and giving the international players more resources to make it to the next level. Biyombo says, “They won’t be able to face the struggles we had to face, and that’s the beauty of it. We look at it as a way of how we can all put our resources together to promote Africa and teach the next generation how to work hard together.”

The Basketball Africa League is a dream come true for Biyombo, even though he’s already an example of what hard work can do. He’sHe’s excited because this will change the future of the young African generations forever. They will learn how to connect and travel to different countries. “The NBA creating a league in Africa is a dream come true to a lot of guys including myself, even though I’m in the NBA, it’sits still a dream come true because you envision that will happen someday. Hopefully, soon we will have an official NBA game played in Africa. Africa is moving in the right direction. It’sIt’s just a matter of time before we reach the top.” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the President of the Basketball Africa League Amadou Fall have been working nonstop to grow the game in Africa. Silver has been very vocal about his efforts to capitalize on the talent since he announced the BAL in All-Star 2019; he”s traveled back and forth from Senegal.

The success of the NBA Academy, Basketball Without Borders is showing world diversity. And how much talent there is around the globe. Basketball Without Borders has products in the NBA right now, such as Jamal Murray, Pascal Siakam, Nicolas Batum, Joel Embiid, and more. All great examples of what the future holds for BWB. In due time the NBA will be filled with international players from the Basketball Without Borders program and the NBA Academy. Biyombo’sBiyombo’s mindset while playing for the Hornets is placing himself around the right people who are self-motivated, and winning an NBA championship one day. His goals and desires extend past basketball. He aspired to see Children all over Africa be successful.

The NBA is creating platforms to make it happen. Africa will rise at a high level, and it’s because African players like Biyombo have sacrificed themselves beyond measure to bring awareness. He stated, “obviously the goal as a player, you want to achieve things by winning a championship, surrounding yourself with winners. That’s the culture we are trying to build here in Charlotte. We are blessed to be here representing Africa.


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