The Los Angeles Lakers third-year forward Kyle Kuzma is one of the young, upcoming entrepreneurs in the NBA. Kuzma has been highly involved in tech, investing, and taking on the mindset of making your money work for you. It’s almost like a trend now for players to build lucrative businesses. It’s wasn’t a particular motivation for Kuzma to get involved with investing, but only making money.

When asked by Motivated Purpose Network what inspires him to get involved with investing, he said jokingly,

To make money. Honestly, that is the biggest thing. It’s very wise to invest your money.”

The Flint native is only in his third year in the NBA, and he is already taking advantage of the platform he has.

As many retired athletes can agree, when you are in the NBA with a high profile name, many doors will open for you. It is up to you to think bigger, and know that you are more than an athlete. Kuzma is deciding to make his money flip and leverage the opportunities that he is creating for himself, which is a great way to begin a future of consistent financial security.

“For me to be so young and have a lot of great role models around me. The goal is to have your money, make money, so you’re sleeping still making money. That’s the mindset I try to have, and so far it is working out for me.”
-Kyle Kuzma

Kuzma is already in a position to become successful because he is teammates with one of the top NBA business moguls in the game, LeBron James, who is a great leader in modeling financially. He mentioned he is learning from other veterans and former Laker Magic Johnson with his methods of financial growth. When asked who is his business mentors, Kuzma tells Motivated Purpose Network, “Just everybody I have been around, every vet, guys who have played ten to twelve years, they are into investments. Having Magic Johnson here is huge for me because he’s the epitome of a businessman.”

As history has shown, many athletes get paid millions of dollars and never make efforts to invest. There are many documentaries and articles out there with players telling the stories of high profile athletes who were multi-millionaires, and went broke after they retired or they became injured. So the higher goal is to have a backup plan with financial investments as young Lakers player Kuzma has learned. Kuzma is heading down the right path to a life of financial freedom and generational wealth.


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