Derrick Rose is the epitome of staying true to what you believe. The obstacles he has overcome throughout his career are unbelievable. However, recently, the focus seemed to have been on his injury history, instead of his continued resilience.

Most of the questions he has fielded recently been focused on his physical fitness and whether he still has it him to play for an entire season.
Despite all the criticism, Rose has so far this season proven that he is still able to perform at a high level. The legacy he has created and continues to build on is inspiring to people around the world.

Adversity is something that everyone encounters in life, and luckily Rose’s success is more significant than basketball. Top NBA players have a lot of respect for him.
Stars like Lebron James, Chris Paul, and Stephen Curry all shared their respect and praise when he recently scored 50 points against the Utah Jazz. Even Kobe Bryant tweeted, “It’s about damn time the real D. Rose stood up. LOVE seeing you back my brotha #noletup #beU.” It’s rewarding to receive support from peers while inspiring others to rise when the odds are against them.

Fans of Derrick Rose understand that injuries don’t define his career, but perseverance does. This past summer was the first in years that Derrick was able to focus more on his game compared to rehab. Derrick Rose has faced different challenges in previous years, but Rose is having a phenomenal 2018 season thus far. At this point in the season, he’s averaging 34 ppg, while shooting 63% from behind the 3pt line. His “true” fans are excited to see him excelling as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Rose has accepted the opportunity to serve a major role on the team!

In 2016, Rose became reunited with his former coach, Tom Thibodeau. I recently spoke with Thibodeau, he mentioned, “Rose has been playing excellent this season. He makes big plays for the team.” It is exhilarating to see Derrick Rose performing at an optimal level, even though he was just facing different challenges that prevented him from showcasing his true talents.

Derrick Rose’s journey is truly an inspiration. Rose is making history at this very moment, and his fans are incredibly proud of him. Recently, I spoke with Rose and asked him about creating history and staying true to his day one fans, he smiled and stated, “It’s all about having a love for them, they have love for me. I feel like I have loyal fans. They know everything I’ve been through, they know what path I’m on. I enjoy playing my heart out when I’m on the floor and contributing.” Many would attest that his mentality and dedication epitomizes the heart of a champion and future Hall of Famer.

Derrick Rose never left, he revived. And it won’t stop here!