Tobias Harris is undoubtedly one of the most underrated players in the NBA right now. His humbleness & hard work ethic has gotten him to where he is today, the Los Angeles Clippers leading scorer. Recently, Harris won Player of the Month for October & November, and it was great for him to get recognized because he’s been playing great basketball. He also mentioned his dad and teammates being excited about his achievement as well. Harris states.

” Tobias Harris is undoubtedly one of the most underrated players in the NBA right now. “

“It’s a great team to be apart of, and I was telling my father the other day, it felt good to get a text from pretty much every guy on the team congratulating you. When you have that type of support from your peers, your brothers, your team, it’s a good feeling to go out there and play with these guys and continue to be the best team we can be.” With that said, he always includes his team when mentioning his accomplishments. Which is a great leadership quality to have & one of the man reasons the Clippers are so successful thus far this season.

When asked by Kwese’s Sports reporter about the expectations he had for himself coming into this season, he stated,

High expectations. You know I put a lot of work this summer. I wanted to show myself and my teammates the work that I was able to put in and just to be ready to play. It was a lot of things that I worked on to get better at. I just wanted to be the best player for our team & win games. I put a lot of expectations on myself.

When a team leader acknowledges the success of the team consistently, it builds the team brotherhood stronger.

Things are looking great up for Tobias as he is on his journey to making a name in this league as an All-Star caliber player. Every team Harris has played for, and he has always gotten involved with the community. He’s inspiring young men around the world. Tobias Troops is a mentoring group that he created to be a big brother to boys & show, them the positive things to do in life. Harris states,

“Tobias troops is a mentoring group that I have. I’ve been able to incorporate into the different cities I played in. What I do is have a group of young men that I’m able to mentor and show different aspects of life to, put around different professionals, be a big brother to them. They come to Clippers games and it’s been a fun thing to be apart.”

Harris’s heavy influence can be very instrumental in these young men’s lives. It’s not everyday; you have NBA players making it apart of their lives to give others the blueprint to success by mentoring them. Stay on the lookout for big things from Tobias Harris on & off the court.


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