USC just finished up their Fall Showcase, and the fans, players, and coaches are excited to gear up for this new season. Coach Clay Helton believes he has one of the most talented groups in the country, and the things they are learning this early is priceless. After the game, Helton said,

“This experience is invaluable whether it’s success or failure, everybody is going to
learn from it.”

One and off the field experience matters. You practice and make mistakes. Then when it’s time to play the game, you’re in a position to become successful because you’ve prepared for it. Helton is ecstatic about the unit he has this year. He got to brag on them a little bit after the scrimmage.

“In this position, I’ve never had four quarterbacks that can start on many teams,
and all are playing at a high level. It’s really progressed everybody.”

Quarterbacks, JT Daniels, Jake Sears, Matt Fink, and Kedon Slovis are all great talented players who give the receivers opportunities to make big plays. Helton will have to make a decision soon on the official starting QB. Coach also spoke on the receivers as well.

“Receivers made some dynamic plays. That’s what they are supposed to do.
We’ve got a rule of we touch it; we catch it. The quarterbacks gave them
opportunities to make plays.”

It wasn’t just the offense that made the team excited about the season. The active defensive unit Helton feels is going to be a powerhouse this college football season. Helton said, “As they grow, we’ll grow. The dynamic of the safety and nickel position, you can see the experience. Our older guys played ball before. They look poised. We may have some growing pains early, but I’ll tell you this, they are some talented, talented individuals.” He also mentioned how good the pass rushers were. “I thought the pass rushers did a nice job. They were a ton of throws where the quarterback got the ball out on time. But if they hung on to it all, the pass rusher would of got there.”

They are a ton of takeaways that the USC coaches can learn from this scrimmage. They learned their strengths and weaknesses with running and passing. “It’s a work in progress just being honest. If one thing is taken anyway, the other should thrive. Today the passing game thrived and the running game got in the red zone, which was nice to see. I’m sure they’ll be a couple of runs we’ll go look and say, wow there was a hole there. I wish we could go could get more in that.” The USC coaches were thrilled with what they saw in there players this past weekend. And they look forward to growing and developing the strengths in the future. Stay on the lookout for the success of USC this upcoming season. The first game against Fresno State is the 31st of this month.