“It’s all about getting reps. I’ve done that 1000 times a day this summer in my workouts with Rico Hines. He’s a great trainer, and he knows this game more than anybody. He’s been around the Stephen Jackson, Baron Davis type of players. He understands the NBA offense.” -Montrezl Harrell on trainer Rico Hines.

Montrezl Harrell put in a significant amount of work this past summer, and it’s evident because of the way he’s been playing this early in the season. Harrell is averaging 18.4ppg and has improved his post-game, enhanced his dribbling skills, and knocking down floaters consistently.
Harrell’s development this summer is a product of the trainer Rico Hines, who Harrell has worked out with a lot this summer.

Harrell says, “My floater comes from working on my game with Rico Hines simple as that. He and I put the work in at six in the morning all summer.” Harrell enhanced his ability to make floaters, and he’s able to practice it every day against Clippers center Ivica Zubac. “Playing against a seven-footer in practice every day puts the icing on the cake.”

Rico Hines working out players in the summer time.

Along with working Hines, Harrell has played in several different Pro-Am leagues, including the Drew League held in Los Angeles. Harell is not afraid to play ball with guys outside the NBA; what works for him is to keep playing basketball and work on his craft. Harrell got a chance to speak about his work with Hines, how blessed he is to play this game of basketball for a living, and how important it is for him to maximize his craft. “It’s imperative for me to keep working. I love this game of basketball. I’m blessed to be able to come out here every night, lace my shoes up and call it my job.”

The 5th year power forward recognizes that he is a unique position. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to play in the NBA, and Harrell is taking full advantage and does not look to let up anytime soon. He wants to get better in every area of his game. No vacations, no days off

“Every day I come in here, I look to get better, I look to work. The summer is no different. I take vacations when my time is up in this game. Right now, it’s about multiplying my talent and seeing how far I can go in this game. Later on, that’s when I can worry about resting.”


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